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About Admin Mr. Mig

Multiplatinum Producer, Engineer, Songwriter & Remixer with over 60 #1 Billboard chart credits.
He has worked on projects for Taylor Swift, Madonna, Beyonce, Jason Derulo, Robin Thicke, Pitbull and hundreds of other superstars in music.

Ugh! Why Don’t My Songs Sound Better?

Ugh! Why Don't My Songs Sound Better? Hey, It's Mig here from MaxxBeats. TRUE or FALSE: There is nothing more frustrating than writing and recording a great song that you believe is a hit but in reality doesn't sound good (and you have no idea why)?? I also was an artist once and I will [...]

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Zedd & Alessia Cara “Stay” Mr. Mig & Gino Caporale Remix

Zedd & Alessia Cara "Stay" Mr. Mig & Gino Caporale Remix Check out the brand new remix of Zedd & Alessia Cara 'Stay". The remix was produced by Multiplatinum producers Mr. Mig & Gino Caporale. This mainstream song's melody lends itself nicely to the reworked Future House vibe and is on it's way to tearing [...]

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Do You Really Need A Music Manager?

Do You Really Need A Music Manager? A music manager can be a great person to have in your corner when the time is right.  You see, when I started out in this business, way back in the day, there wasn't an internet or any way to really connect with people quickly like you can today with [...]

30 Rap, Trap and Hip Hop Type Beats You Need On Your Mixtape

30 Rap, Trap and Hip Hop Type Beats You Need On Your Mixtape 30 New Rap, Trap & HipHop Type Beats You Need to Hear   We have 30 brand new beats by Producer El Capitan and the team, masterfully crafted, mixed and mastered in the styles of Rap, Trap and Hip Hop. These are absolutely some of the tightest beats we have heard in a while. Styles [...]

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5 Music Licensing Resources For Indie Artists

5 Music Licensing Resources For Indie Artists One of the most common questions that independent artists have is where to go to license their music. We always look for new resources and recently came across a website that offers courses and guides designed to help with placing your music. Check out some of the courses [...]

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[Video] How I Became A Successful 24 Yr. Old Music Producer (Just Days Away From Giving Up)!

[Video] How I Became A Successful 24 Year Old Music Producer (Just Days Away From Giving up)! Hi Guys, It's Mig from MaxxBeats here. If you are trying to Become a Music Producer or Recording Artist then you know it is a really tough thing to do!   It's one of those things that takes all your [...]

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Mr. Mig Remixes Amazon’s #1 Electronic Album with Arika Kane

Amazon's #1 Electronic Album (Featuring 3 Mr. Mig Remixes)   The #1 Electronic Album on AMAZON is from R&B recording artist Arika Kane (BSE Recordings) I am so honored that the remixes I did for R&B recording artist Arika Kane's new album recently translated into the #1 selling Electronic album on The songs I remixed are [...]

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Make Beats With Ableton Live (Beginner Tutorial)

Make Beats With Ableton Live (Beginner Tutorial) Make Beats With Ableton Live (Beginner Tutorial) Hi guys, This is Producer / Remixer / Beatmaker Mr. Mig. In this video, I will show you how to get started making your own beats using the very popular Ableton Live music production software. Learn how to create tracks and add [...]

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Madonna “Living For Love” Remix, Mixed at The MaxxBeats Studio

Madonna Remix for "Living For Love" mixed at the MaxxBeats Studio We are super excited that Madonna chose our very own Funk Generation remix along with an additional H3dRush Dub to lead the pack of superstar remixers including Offer Nissim and Erick Morillo! Big Thank You to The Queen Bee, Madonna herself as well [...]

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