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Steve Harvey, Dani Devastation and Wes Walker – MaxxBeats Clients Are Killin It!

By | 2018-01-23T10:59:15+00:00 January 23rd, 2018|featured, News, Uncategorized|

Steve Harvey, Dani Devastation and Wes Walker - MaxxBeats Clients Are Killin' It! The Steve Harvey Show recently featured our client Dani Devastation live on the December 13, 2017 episode. Recently we produced songs for Social Media sensations, Dani Devastation and Wes Walker. Two of our clients are really killing it out there. These two [...]

BeatStars Gives MaxxBeats Silver Award For Over 200,000 Beats Streams!

By | 2018-01-23T11:01:58+00:00 January 23rd, 2018|featured|

BeatStars Gives MaxxBeats The Silver Award For Over 200,000 Beat Streams In 2017! BeatStars Gives MaxxBeats The Silver Award for more than 200,000 beat streams in 2017. We are very excited to share this news with you. BeatStars, the largest online producer and artist marketplace just awarded us the Silver award for beat streams (plays) [...]

The Perfect New RnB Beat “Trust Me” With Acoustic Guitars and Trap Drums

By | 2017-12-27T09:18:17+00:00 December 27th, 2017|Beats, Uncategorized|

New Perfect New RnB Beat “Trust Me” The perfect RnB beat for those that like a blend of electronic and organic. The beat is based off of 808’s and Trap elements including rolling hihats and snare fills. The main melody is provided by real acoustic guitars in stereo, rhodes piano and strings accented with a [...]

Why Is The Rum Gone? Mr. Mig Mixes The Number One Song On Beatport

By | 2017-12-24T20:05:58+00:00 December 24th, 2017|News, Projects, Uncategorized|

Mr. Mig Mixes The Number One Song On Beatport 12/24/17 Mr. Mig mixes another number one song on Beatport. “Why Is The Rum Gone” by artist Griffon has reached the #1 spot on Beatport this week. The song was mixed and mastered by Maxxbeats’ CEO & multiplatinum music producer Mr. Mig. “Why Is The Rum [...]

Air Hybrid 3 Synth Plugin 99% OFF. I Just PAID $1!

By | 2017-12-12T16:00:56+00:00 December 12th, 2017|resources, Software|

Air Hybrid 3 Synth Plugin Is 99% OFF Wow, I Just PAID $1! Hey Guys, Its Mig here from I just found an amazing deal online and am really excited to share the joy! I stumbled on an Instagram ad last night from a website called Plugin Boutique who is selling the new plugin by [...]

Ugh! Why Don’t My Songs Sound Better?

By | 2017-10-17T12:18:18+00:00 October 14th, 2017|Uncategorized|

Ugh! Why Don't My Songs Sound Better? Hey, It's Mig here from MaxxBeats. TRUE or FALSE: There is nothing more frustrating than writing and recording a great song that you believe is a hit but in reality doesn't sound good (and you have no idea why)?? I also was an artist once and I will [...]

Is Lyricism In Hip-Hop Really Dead?

By | 2017-12-14T12:14:06+00:00 August 1st, 2017|Opinion|

It's a war cry that's been bellowed for years now: "Hip-hop is dead." The cynical phrase has a variety of connotations, from the current absence of dynamic lyricism in pop-culture to the supposed whoring of the culture (is it culture? art? both?) by those who have no interest in its humble beginnings and history. As for the [...]

Zedd & Alessia Cara “Stay” Mr. Mig & Gino Caporale Remix

By | 2017-04-05T10:40:13+00:00 April 5th, 2017|featured, Projects, Remixes|

Zedd & Alessia Cara "Stay" Mr. Mig & Gino Caporale Remix Check out the brand new remix of Zedd & Alessia Cara 'Stay". The remix was produced by Multiplatinum producers Mr. Mig & Gino Caporale. This mainstream song's melody lends itself nicely to the reworked Future House vibe and is on it's way to tearing [...]

Do You Really Need A Music Manager?

By | 2017-03-20T20:09:08+00:00 March 18th, 2017|Artist Tips, education, featured, Music Industry Advice, resources|

Do You Really Need A Music Manager? A music manager can be a great person to have in your corner when the time is right.  You see, when I started out in this business, way back in the day, there wasn't an internet or any way to really connect with people quickly like you can today with [...]

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