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Professional Song Mastering 

 Song mastering for iTunes, Soundcloud, Amazon, Spotify and more 

We will make your music sound big, crisp, punchy and ready for iTunes and all major retail outlets.


“Working with Steve “Mr Mig” Migliore has been an awesome experience for me. I’ve been a huge fan of Steve’s work for a very long time and to actually have him master my remixes has been a real highlight of my career.  I love his work and he’s been an absolute pleasure to work with.”

song mastering testimonial from Division 4 Remixer Robert Ladic www.maxxbeats.comRobert Ladic, Division 4 - Remixer/DJ (Australia)

Same Day Mastering Service Available

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song mastering for iTunes

Prices (per song)

1 song = $90 
2 – 5 songs = $70
6 – 9 songs = $60
10 or more songs  = $50

(*Price Includes main mix + 2 other mixes of same version of song; Instrumental, TV track)

Mastering Examples

Sound Professional – Our Song Mastering Is The Icing On The Cake

Song mastering is the final step in your musical process. Let us master your songs online today. With our online song mastering service your songs will be as clear, big, and punchy as the songs you hear on the radio and in the clubs? That is exactly what you will get when we master your songs.*With over 400 major artist credits, you can trust us to help bring that vision to life.
What Is Mastering?

Mastering is the process of balancing the fullness, tone, clarity, width, and dynamics of your song after it has been mixed (get your song properly mixed by us).We have made this process easy and cost effective for you to have the same quality as the superstars on big major record labels.

Why Your Songs Need Audio Mastering –

One of the most important steps in the music production process is called “Mastering”. It is the polishing stage for your songs before you release them.100% of all hit songs on the radio have gone through the mastering process to achieve the most competitive sound possible on the radio and in the clubs.

Instructions –
1. Send us your mixed songs or mastering stems (44.1k 16 bit is perfect) via secure file transfer.
2. We will master your songs using our state of the art software/hardware.
3. We send the mastered songs back to you.